Azumano Travel is not just my business address; it is part of my family. My responsibility to my family, at home or at the office, is to try to set a positive example for them to follow. When my employees wanted to help our schools, or clean up Oregon's beaches, or extend the hand of friendship and support to New York City after Sept. 11, we did it together.

Sho Dozono, Owner
Azumano Travel
Azumano Travel has a rich history and time-honored tradition of service to the community, reflecting our belief that to be good corporate citizens we must get involved. Toward that end, our company actively seeks to create a corporate culture that encourages employees to become engaged in their communities and involved in providing solutions to the problems they face.

We are a diverse employee population with a multitude of interests, which means we lend a helping hand to a wide variety of organizations and causes. Our community-outreach efforts touch many people and involve donations not only of employees’ time and money, but of their talent, energy, enthusiasm, and imagination, too!

To support employee efforts in reaching out to the community, Azumano developed its own version of a “Compassion in Action” program. Ours is all about helping to create healthy and viable communities by encouraging units or teams of coworkers to roll up their sleeves and make a difference, not only in areas of special interest to our company but in matters of personal concern to our employees. Working together for a common cause also serves to strengthen our relationships and build stronger and more focused teams.

Azumano Travel was green before green was really cool. Perhaps that’s because of our roots in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where nature fills your lungs with wonderfully clean air then takes your breath away! In any event, several years ago we began a partnership with Portland-based Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) on a number of initiatives to provide renewable energy offsets, or “Green Tags” as they were called then, that could be used to replace traditional polluting sources of electricity with solar and wind power.

We walked our talk and purchased enough Green Tags to make all of Azumano and our affiliate companies carbon neutral. We also reached out to our customers and suppliers to engage them head on in the issue of climate change. And, we approached American Express with a proposal to green its 2007 US Representative National Conference in Tucson. American Express was receptive to our ideas and not only committed to greening the conference but to expanding green awareness through its network of representative travel agencies. Travel Weekly editor-in-chief Arnie Weissman caught wind of our efforts and referred to Azumano owner Sho Dozono as an “Agent of Change.”

We have our own agency Green Team and are a Green Member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), which facilitates understanding and use of green travel options in the industry as well as assists members in greening their own operations. In recognition of our efforts, we were presented the RecycleWorks Award by the City of Portland for "raising the bar on waste reduction by practicing sustainable purchasing and educating employees to make a positive impact on the environment."



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