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Below are links to online check-in tools for several popular airlines. Please refer to the individual airline Web sites for the specifics of each program.

Industry Alerts

New Trend in Small Meeting Rooms Is Growing
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Hotel chains such as Marriott and Westin are exploring the concept of compact rooms that can serve as office or meeting space. These rooms offer privacy to businesspeople, even those not staying at the hotel, who wish to forgo the coffee house crowds or busy and distracting hotel lobbies, and they provide plenty of well-placed electrical outlets. Read more 

Source: USA Today

30,000 Evacuated Due To Heavy Rains
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Over 30,000 people have been evacuated due to heavy rains in Hunan province. About 1.07 million people have been affected by the rains. The province has been hit by storms, heavy rains and thunderstorms since Tuesday. Rain in Fenghuang and Chenxi counties has reached 200 mm during the past 24 hours. Traffic, telecommunications and power supplies have also been suspended in Mayang and Chenxi counties. More rain has been forecast over the next few days.
Source: Anvil Report
Opening Of New Berlin Airport Delayed
Wednesday, May 9th, 2012

Berlin’s plan to open a new, unified airport has been postponed indefinitely, leaving Lufthansa and Air Berlin scrambling to rearrange their flight schedules.  The new airport, Berlin Brandenburg – nicknamed Willy Brandt – was set to open on June 3, while the two existing airports, Tegel and Schonefeld, would be closed down the evening before. Both will now remain open until Brandenburg is ready for active duty, probably sometime in August.

This delay has caused havoc with Lufthansa’s plan to expand its number of aircraft stationed in Berlin from 9 to 15, and additional plans to quadruple the number of European and Middle Eastern routes it flies from Berlin. The carrier is working with the two existing airports to obtain temporary gate access in the hopes of sticking to its new, expanded schedule.  Air Berlin’s plans to increase flights would not be possible out of Tegel, so their expansion plans will wait until the new airport is operational.   

According to airport officials, fire safety equipment will not be ready in time for the slated opening and is the reason for the delay. A new August date for the airport's opening was not immediately set.

Source: Spiegel Online International, Lufthansa, Bloomberg

Hotel Blackout Days More Prevalent
Monday, May 7th, 2012

According to Travel Procurement, preferred hotel blackout dates when negotiated rates are not available are on the rise. Some travel buyers interviewed said that they have experienced blackouts as long as a month when negotiated rates were unavailable. Travel Procurement suggests that partial responsibility for this increase in blackouts can attributed to higher levels of sophistication among hotel revenue managers and a shift to a seller’s market, especially in cities such as Chicago, New York and San Francisco. American Express Business Travel recommends corporate buyers review blackout dates with their hoteliers on a quarterly, as hotels may loosen up for periods in which high demand expectations are not panning out.

Source: Travel Procurement

ANA Initiates Tokyo-Seattle Service Ahead of Schedule
Friday, May 4th, 2012

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will launch daily Tokyo Narita–Seattle service July 25, initially using the Boeing 777-300ER, and switching to the 787 during the course of its fiscal year. Last December the airline announced its plans to launch the route in 2013, but has determined to launch the new service ahead of schedule in order to "capture passenger demand over the busy summer season."  Seattle will be the ninth U.S. city served by ANA. The carrier also plans to launch new Tokyo Narita - San Jose, CA service this year.

Source: All Nippon Airways

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